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Name of the project : Improvement of the living conditions of the rural community José Ignacio Tavara Pasapera (JITP) by the protection and the valorization of the dry forest.

Project manager : Asociación para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Integral (AIDER) [Association for Research and Comprehensive Development]. AIDER is an NGO founded in 1986 that has been assisting the Piura region’s population since 1992. The organization works in concert with farming communities with the aim of sustainably developing their forest resources.

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Location of the project: North of Peru, Piura region

Beneficiaries : 3 525 people, 17 schools

Number of trees : 100 000 trees per  year

Species of trees : zapote, algarrobo, overo

Length of the project : 6 years (2011-2017)

Local Accounts

“Ever since our forests disappeared, we’ve had less water in our villages.”

—Farmer from the José Ignacio Tavara farming community—

“We’ve observed nature extensively so we can resuscitate land where the forest has completely disappeared.”

—Eugenio Castillo, a farmer from the José Ignacio Tavara farming community—

“Sustainably managed forest equals secure future!” “ANR is an efficient method of reforestation in arid places like our’s in the Piura region. We want large-scale reforestation because the whole region needs it; we therefore have to listen to nature, imitate it, and be a steward of it.”

—Manuel Llanos, forest specialist and project manager from the NGO AIDER—

“The desert’s advance seriously undermines the social cohesion of the community and threatens its very existence. No forest, no resources; without resources, people are going to migrate to cities only to become part of the working poor, and the community will disappear like so many others before it.”

—Juan Carlos Gonzalez Aybar, economist representing the ONG AIDER in Europe— 

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